You spend your working years contributing to social security so you'll have income after you retire. But did you know you may also qualify for social security disability benefits if you become disabled before you retire? If your disability will last at least a year or more, these benefits are rightly yours. Our social security disability lawyers in Baltimore will fight for you to receive the benefits you deserve.

The majority of people who apply for early Social Security Disability benefits are turned down. The Maryland SSDI attorneys at Cohen & Dwin can help you cut through the red tape to get the money you deserve.

Did you know that if you have paid Social Security taxes you can receive federal government disability benefits and Medicare before age 62?

Did you know that the Social Security Administration has recently changed the law which prohibits people from getting Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income based on Drug or Alcohol Dependence?

Did you know that if you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, it can take up to 2 1/2 years to get benefits?

Did you know that with the right tactics, you can significantly lessen that period of time?

For answers to more questions about SSDI, contact our Maryland social security disability attorneys today.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

On March 29, 1996, President Clinton signed the "Contract with America Advancement Act." Section 105 of the Act prohibits the receipt of Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income benefits if drug addiction and/or alcoholism is material to the finding of disability. This means that if addiction is the person's only or primary disability, they are not eligible for benefits.

If they have another source of disability and secondarily happen to be drug or alcohol addicts, they are still eligible if the other source of disability meets Administration criteria. Further, if they now have a disabling condition meeting Administration criteria caused by life-long addiction, they may still be eligible. For example, if they now have pancreatitis due to years of heavy drinking, they can still collect.

Finally recipients who are currently getting benefits because of a drug or alcohol addiction will be dropped effective January 1, 1997 (and had to be notified by SSA by June 30, 1996).

The Maryland SSDI attorneys at Cohen & Dwin know the answers. We have been successfully handling Social Security Disability Claims for over 25 years, and have represented thousands of people. We know the law, and we know the system. Contact Cohen & Dwin for a free consultation about early social security disability benefits at 410-LAW HELP.

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