In cases of divorce where children are involved, custody will need to be determined. This can be done through mediation, simple legal agreement or, in cases where contention exists, by the court. In all three cases you need an experienced Maryland family law attorney on your side to make sure the best interests of you and your children are always at the forefront of considerations.

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Understanding Your Options

In Maryland, when custody cannot be agreed upon by the parents, the court will make a determination in the child or children’s best interest. Factors that may be included in this determination include:

  • The age, mental health, and physical wellbeing of all involved children
  • The mental health and physical capabilities of each parent
  • The ability of each parent to provide the children with basic needs
  • Established routines and lifestyle including schools and long-term residence
  • The preference of the children

The last two factors listed above often depend on the age of the children in question as well as where each parent decides to live. Location and proximity to school is less of an issue when parents agree to live within the same district and are willing to make accommodations to keep the children in their established routines.

There are a number of factors that can impact where children will spend most of their time, but custody is not just about where a child lives. Decisions including religious affiliations, medical care, and other personal and familial choices fall to custodial parents, making it important that you have representation during proceedings that prevents you from waiving these rights unintentionally.

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