If you have been injured on the job it is likely that you will be able to seek compensation under Workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits operate like insurance, paid for by your employer according to law. If you are the survivor of someone who was killed on the job, you may also be qualified to seek compensation under Workers’ comp. There are a variety of benefits available under Workers’ Compensation, depending on the particular situation. Each area has specific rules for compensation and eligibility. Additionally, the rules may vary substantially from state to state, so it is important to seek the experienced help of an on the job injury lawyer in your home state.

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Medical Care Compensation

Workers’ Compensation covers medical expenses that are necessary to diagnose and treat an on the job injury or illness, including medications, surgeries, hospital expenses, and testing costs. In addition, needed equipment like wheelchairs or special transportation can be covered. The specifics can vary from state to state, however.

Rehabilitation Compensation

Once you have returned home from your hospital or doctor’s office following an on the job injury, you may need continued treatment and care. Rehabilitation benefits pay for medical and therapeutic treatments including physical therapy. Retraining may also be covered under this type of compensation so that you can regain necessary skills to return to the workforce. If you cannot return to your former position, rehabilitation benefits may cover the cost of education or other expenses to help you qualify for another job.

Disability Compensation

Compensation for lost wages is covered under disability benefits. Disabilities are compensated differently under four different categories:

  • Temporary total disability:  if you are unable to work at all, but only for a limited amount of time
  • Temporary partial disability:  if you can only perform some of the duties of your job for a limited amount of time
  • Permanent total disability: if you cannot perform any of your job or a similar one, and cannot do so in the future
  • Permanent partial disability: if you have permanent damage and cannot perform certain aspects of your job, but can still perform other parts of your duties

Death Compensation

In most states, Workers’ Compensation provides death benefits to survivors of a worker who is killed on the job. There are specific rules as to who can seek survivor benefits and when. Death compensation can be used to cover funeral expenses, and may also provide continued support for surviving dependents. Many complications can arise when it comes to death compensation, so it is important to seek counsel experienced in family law too.

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