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Mr. Granato’s pursuit of justice and truth started at a very young age. Originally from New Jersey, Mr. Granato attended Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey. At Rutgers, he was involved in a plethora of student activism groups including the Chapter President of the Public Interest Research Group, (NJPIRG). As the President, he led multiple river cleanups, hunger outreach missions, and home weatherization projects for elderly and low-income residents of Newark, New Jersey.

Mr. Granato was also a founding member, and state-wide President, of New Jersey United Students (NJUS); the first and only student union in New Jersey. As the President of NJUS, he advocated for the rights of students including lowering college tuition and advocating for student rights directly to the governor of New Jersey. At one point, he advocated on behalf of over 100,000 students’ throughout the entire state of New Jersey.

Mr. Granato has experience in leading large groups of individuals dedicated to justice and rights for the marginalized.

Mr. Granato attended the University Of Baltimore School Of Law where he continued his pursuit of public interest. While enrolled at UB Law he joined the University of Baltimore Students for Public Interest, (UBSPI), which aims to provide free legal services to low income residents of Maryland. In his second year at UB Law Mr. Granato elected as the Treasurer of UBSPI. During his time in law school, Mr. Granato raised over $5,000 of donated funds to be used for scholarships for law students to provide free legal services to poverty stricken residents of Baltimore.

In the summer of 2015 Mr. Granato was awarded the Prestigious Walter Sondheim Grant bestowed by the University of Maryland. This very exclusive grant is awarded to only a handful of law students once per year in Maryland whom have earned academic excellence while simultaneously demonstrating an unwavering support of the public good.

Mr. Granato’s pursuit of higher education culminated when he graduated from the University Of Baltimore School Of Law in 2017 in the top 1/3 of his class.

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Legal Experience

Mr. Granato is the newest attorney for the firm and has been practicing law in Baltimore under the tutelage of Harold Dwin, managing partner of the Law Firm of Cohen and Dwin. At Cohen and Dwin, Mr. Granato fights for the rights of injured victims across the state of Maryland.

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