Drug Charge Defense Lawyer in Baltimore

Drug Possession/Trafficking

drug possession or trafficking charge can harm one’s reputation in many different ways. If you are facing severe fines, jail time, job loss, and other serious consequences, you need a legal team who knows Maryland drug laws and can apply years of experience on your behalf. At Cohen & Dwin, our Baltimore drug possession attorneys have an impressive track record of favorable outcomes. You can contact Cohen & Dwin today for a drug offense consultation that will cost you nothing and provide you with valuable legal advice.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You If You are Facing a Drug Charge

Drug possession with intent to distribute is a crime that can follow you around for life. Baltimore criminal lawyers Barry Cohen (retired) and Harold Dwin can approach these complex criminal issues with an innovative legal strategy to help you prepare a very strong defense. Factors like prior charges, the amount and types of drugs involved, and details of your arrest will be crucial in building arguments to present to the judge or jury. Our drug possession attorneys in Baltimore will also explore every aspect of the prosecution’s case to pick apart any weak or unsubstantiated claims.

How to Beat Drug Trafficking Charges in Baltimore

drug trafficking charge alleges that the defendant knowingly took part in the transport and/or distribution of an illicit substance. The quantity involved has a lot of bearing on the prosecution and penalties. In fact, even if the amount found in your possession was only for personal use, it can be prosecuted as trafficking if it meets certain criteria. If you are facing trafficking charges for any illegal drugs, including GHB, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine, you can benefit greatly from having a skilled Baltimore drug trafficking lawyer at your side. Our Baltimore criminal defense attorneys can help you understand the sentencing guidelines and work for reduced or dismissed charges based on the quality and quantity of evidence against you.

The Importance of Hiring a Drug Crime Defense Attorney in Baltimore

If you or a loved one is facing criminal drug charges, do not make any decisions without first consulting a highly-skilled Baltimore drug possession attorney at a law firm like Cohen & Dwin. We will explore the details of your case, provide information on your rights as a defendant, and explain the potential or probable outcomes. Our Baltimore drug trafficking lawyers can counsel you on a variety of things you should know, and we will maintain ultimate confidentiality to protect your family and your reputation throughout the process.

For experienced legal help with drug possession or trafficking charges, please contact the dedicated criminal defense lawyers at Cohen & Dwin. Our criminal attorneys in Baltimore are ready to help you build an intelligent legal defense to protect your rights and your freedom.