Medication Error Attorney in Baltimore

Medication Errors

Medication errors can be deadly. In fact, this type of medical malpractice is the leading cause of inpatient fatalities in the United States. Even when not deadly, medication errors can have a profoundly negative impact on quality of life and overall health, making it an issue that demands attention from an experienced and dedicated medical malpractice attorney.

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Types of Medication Errors in Baltimore

Over and under medication are the primary types of medication errors. These particular errors are among the most dangerous as they can leave a patient either comatose or vulnerable to shock.

Other types of medication errors include:

  • Wrong medication
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Failure to check for allergies
  • Failure to check for contraindications
  • Improper administration

All of these forms of medical malpractice put patients at risk for serious or fatal injury, and none should be accepted in our advanced medical society.

Understanding Your Medical Malpractice Rights

When you are injured by a negligent healthcare provider, even if that person is not a doctor or nurse, you have every right to hold both the individual and the facility he or she works for accountable for your damages. This may include additional medical expenses, lost wages, and other economic damages along with physical and emotional pain and suffering. The best way to determine what your case is worth is by discussing it with one of our experienced Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys.

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