Traffic Defense Attorney in Baltimore

Serious Traffic Offenses

Most people don’t think of traffic offenses as matters of criminal law. When you hear “traffic offense,” you tend to think of speeding tickets or relatively minor moving violations such as running a red light or failing to yield properly.

And these definitely constitute the vast majority of traffic offenses in and around Baltimore. But there are other, much more serious traffic violations that drivers can be charged with, and the sentences for these offenses can be severe.

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Examples of Serious Traffic Offenses in Baltimore

Society recognizes both the importance and danger of automotive transportation. That’s why we license drivers and impose a set of rules and regulations on the people who need to get where they’re going safely and efficiently.

Particularly flagrant violations of these laws are considered to be serious threats to public safety, and they are punished accordingly. If you’ve been accused of a serious traffic offense, you can expect to face severe punishment, even including a prison sentence.

As such, your choice of a lawyer is incredibly important. You need to find an experienced serious traffic lawyer to represent you and help you fight these charges.

Our attorneys have helped those accused of serious traffic offenses such as:

These are just a few examples of serious traffic offenses that you can face. And the consequences, if convicted, can be dire – sentences for these offenses include loss of your driver’s license, huge fines, and even prison sentences.

The specific sentence you face will, of course, depend on the circumstances of your case. But rest assured, you will need skilled legal counsel to represent you. Cohen & Dwin’s lawyers can provide you with the representation you have the right to as a criminal defendant.

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