Pedestrians have the right-of-way in many circumstances, and even if they do not, a careless driver may be held responsible for failing to notice the presence of a person on foot. At the law firm of Cohen & Dwin, our Maryland personal injury lawyers help seriously injured pedestrians and their families fight for fairness and restitution. You can contact Cohen & Dwin at any time for experienced guidance on pedestrian laws and your rights from our Baltimore pedestrian accident attorneys.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents happen every day on Baltimore roads. Maryland injury lawyers Barry Cohen (retired) and Harold Dwin make it their mission to stand up for pedestrians whose rights were ignored. Often, it is simply the failure of a motorist to look both ways before turning. In many cases, speeding drivers cannot stop in time, even when they do spot pedestrians. A common cause of pedestrian injuries is when cars fail to stop at pedestrian crossings. And we have seen multiple cases where accelerating through yellow lights, or failing to stop for red lights, sends innocent pedestrians to the hospital. Although rare, accidents do happen where motorists jump the curb. Young children and senior citizens are especially vulnerable to this kind of negligence on the road.

Assessing the Damage

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs can cause severe bodily harm, even at slow speeds. Injured pedestrians may face multiple surgeries, rehabilitative therapy, and other significant medical treatments. Our experienced accounting specialists work with your family and your physicians to provide an accurate assessment of financial loss. You may even be entitled to compensation above what you have already lost with damages such as pain and suffering and loss of future earnings. Keep in mind that insurance companies will try to minimize the amount your family collects, and that hiring a pedestrian accident attorney in Baltimore can improve your chance of a fair recovery.

Proving Entitlement

Representing pedestrian cases is uniquely challenging. Many people's first thought is that pedestrians put themselves in harm's way by choosing to step foot on the road. The Baltimore accident lawyers at Cohen & Dwin have spent years working with Baltimore pedestrian laws. We know how to use these laws to help our injured clients, and how to maneuver through legal red tape to prove that compensation from the insurance companies is justified.

Learn more about how our skilled injury lawyers in Maryland can help you and your family recover from a frightening pedestrian accident. You can call or e-mail our Baltimore legal office and we will set you up with a free accident consultation. The Baltimore auto accident attorneys at Cohen & Dwin look forward to representing you against big insurance companies and helping you get the compensation you deserve.

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