Common Causes of Accidents in Construction

Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

The causes of construction accidents and injuries are often complex and in many cases, multiple factors may lead to the accident, but the Baltimore workers’ compensation attorneys at Cohen & Dwin have the experience to help you through your workplace injury claim.

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Causes of Construction Site Accidents

Working in the construction industry carries significant risk. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that 874 construction workers were killed on the job in 2014 and more than 22,000 construction workers were injured on the job.

Some of the most common causes of construction site accidents include:

  • Falls – Serious Workplace Injuries can be sustained if a worker falls from scaffolding, cranes, roofs or buildings, or even from ladders including broken bones and brain injuries.
  • Electrical incidents – While electricians are aware of the risks and trained and equipped to handle them, other types of construction workers must work close to high power lines as well. Even with proper training and equipment, electrical wiring can pose a significant risk on a busy job site.
  • Entrapments, crushing injuries, and backovers – Construction workers can easily be run over by large trucks or crushed between large vehicles and other objects such as walls or concrete structures. Workers may also be trapped by malfunctioning equipment or crushed by improperly loaded dumpsters.
  • Object strikes – Construction sites are full of moving objects that can cause harm. Falling objects, cranes and trucks, or unstable structures may all cause serious injuries. Even with proper protective gear, falling objects or other projectiles can cause brain and spinal injuries, decapitations, or impalements.

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Construction accidents can also result from trench or building collapses, fires and explosions, transportation-related incidents, and other serious situations such as exposure to lead, asbestos, and many other potentially harmful chemicals used in the construction trades.

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