Truck accidents are extremely dangerous and often involve serious injuries sustained by drivers and passengers. If you are a driver on Maryland's roadways and you are involved in a truck accident where the truck driver was at fault, it may be possible for you to claim damages. An experienced truck accident attorney in Baltimore can conduct an investigation and help you receive compensation. Truck accidents are remarkably common. On roads across America, there are more than three accidents every minute where someone is injured or killed a truck accident. These trucks can include:

  • Tractor trailers
  • 18 wheelers
  • Motor Coaches
  • Fire engines
  • Semi trucks
  • Any large commercial vehicle

Many accidents occur on Maryland's most frequented highways such as:

  • Route 95
  • Washington Parkway (Route 295)
  • Baltimore Beltway (Route 695)
  • Washington Beltway (Route 495)

There are five primary factors that put trucks at a higher risk of accident as opposed to passenger vehicles including:

  • A difficult time stopping—because of their weight, trucks need a longer period of time to stop, which can lead to an increased number of rear-end accidents.
  • Jackknifing—where a truck comes to a sudden stop and the load shifts, this can cause the trailer to turn sideways and often times tip and roll.
  • Turning—when a large truck makes a turn, it must often use more than one lane of traffic, thereby obstructing the path of other vehicles which can lead to an accident.
  • Fatigue—Truck drivers average less than five hours a sleep a night. This leads to a decrease in alertness and awareness and can attribute to a collision.
  • Driving under the influence—A study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Transportation Safety Board found that one or more drugs was detected in 67 percent of drivers fatally wounded in truck accidents. The difficulty of driving a massive truck, combined with little sleep and the use of psychoactive drugs is a deadly combination.

Contributory Negligence

Maryland's personal injury law applies the rule of contributory negligence. This means that in order to recover damages for an accident in Maryland, the other driver must be at fault and the jury must find that you were not even 1% responsible for the accident. While this is a difficult standard, in many cases, our injury lawyers in Marylandare able to settle with the insurance company to avoid the risk of losing in court. It always makes sense to contact a Maryland personal injury attorney if you have any question about your claim.

Violating the Law

In Maryland, our Baltimore auto accident attorneys are familiar with the minute details of the Maryland Commercial Vehicle law. The truck driver responsible for your accident may have violated a specific statute or regulation with respect to the freight he was carrying or how long he had been driving before the accident. Overworked drivers who are paid by the mile also feel an overwhelming amount of pressure to keep their wheels turning even when their bodies are exhausted. This unsafe mentality is a hazard to everyone on the road.

The Process

If you were injured in a truck accident, our Maryland personal injury lawyers will collect your information about the accident, interview any witnesses, and obtain police reports and medical reports. We will then present all these to the insurance company along with an amount we agree will compensate you for any losses to your financial situation and your lifestyle.

If you were injured in a truck accident in Baltimore or anywhere in Maryland, contact Cohen & Dwin today to schedule your free initial consultation. Our Baltimore truck accident lawyers can help you recover the damages you deserve. Please call 410-LAW-HELP today. "Let Our Family Help Your Family."

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