Car Accident Lawyer

Baltimore, Maryland

Car Accidents BaltimoreCar accidents injure millions of Americans annually. Serious neck and head injuries, spinal cord damage, and other injuries often result in paralysis, brain damage, and other life-altering consequences. Some accident victims never fully recover from the devastating effects of a crash. Helping your loved one face the physical challenges ahead should be your main concern, but mounting hospital bills leave you wondering how your family will afford good medical care. At Cohen & Dwin, P.A., our Baltimore car accident lawyers work on getting you the funds you need to make ends meet, so you can concentrate on getting better.

The True Cost of an Accident

A serious accident that involves severe injuries will affect a family for many years to come. In many cases, doctors cannot predict how an injury will change over time, so families have no way of knowing just how much they will pay in medical bills. As our 60 years of combined experience has shown us, car accidents can cause so much suffering, even above and beyond the physical injuries. The trauma of the actual event can be hard to overcome, and then there is the emotional damage that comes from being incapacitated and unable to enjoy life as you did before the accident.

It is these hard-to-predict consequences that should drive you to hire a highly skilled Baltimore auto accident attorney. Based on the details of your accident and the resulting injuries, our Maryland personal injury lawyers work with medical and other specialists to estimate a lifetime cost. And since injuries can be so unpredictable, we use these figures to get you an ample settlement based on a worst-case scenario.

Battling Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, many accident victims are not offered the kinds of settlements they deserve. Insurance companies profit from paying out as little as possible to valid accident claims, and people like you suffer as money that should be there to help pay for medical care, property damage, and lost income is withheld. Personal injury attorneys Barry Cohen (retired) and Harold Dwin believe that insurance policies should work for you, not against you.

If you feel slighted as insurance adjusters give you the run-around or offer you inadequate settlements, there is an easier way. When you hire Cohen & Dwin to represent your accident claim, you are giving us the power to deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. No longer will you have to deal with representatives who grill you for information and minimize your claim. You can trust that we will assert your rights every step of the way and not back down until we get you an amount that can enable you to properly care for your family.

If you or your loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, talk to our Baltimore personal injury attorneys today to learn more about your rights. Our team is here to answer all of your questions, and we never charge a fee for your first consultation. Please contact us to schedule your visit.