Driving Safely at Night

By Ioana David on August 29, 2018 | In Personal Injury

Nighttime driving is more dangerous than daytime driving. It’s harder to see your surroundings, lights can glare or be momentarily blinding, and drunk drivers are more likely to be out. At Cohen & Dwin, our auto accident attorneys want to let you know there are precautions you can take to have a safer driving experience at night and avoid personal injury.

  • Take all the precautions you would take during the day: buckle your seatbelt, put away your cell phone, and adjust your seat and mirrors.
  • Know how to handle imperfect situations: if a car approaches with their high beams on, direct your gaze to the right to avoid the glare. Your peripheral vision will pick up any dangers.
  • Make sure your car is functioning properly: check that your headlights are both working and on and that you can see all of your dashboard instruments and lights clearly.
  • Drive defensively: obey the speed limit and give other vehicles plenty of room to maneuver and brake around you.

Following our auto accident attorney’s tips and just being aware that night driving takes a little more time and a little more caution will help you avoid some of the danger on darkened roads. If you have been injured in a nighttime car accident, please contact Cohen & Dwin, P.A., to speak with a Baltimore auto accident attorney.

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