If you feel a threat of domestic violence, the Maryland court system can help by issuing a peace order or protective order. The difference between the two depends on your relationship to the person that is threatening you. If any of… read more

Field Testing for Narcotics

By Harold Dwin on January 23, 2019 In Criminal Law

Have you been arrested and charged with possession of drugs based on a field test performed by local law enforcement? If so, you should be aware that a recent study has found nearly 70 percent of these tests provide false positives and… read more

The Militarization of Police

By Harold Dwin on January 23, 2019 In Criminal Law

Since 2008, the Baltimore Police Department has spent more than $589,000 on military-style equipment. This is in addition to military weapons and armor supplied to the police through the federal 1033 program and grants provided by the Department of Homeland… read more

Festivals and Unlawful Search

By Harold Dwin on January 23, 2019 In Criminal Law

Festival season is upon us and, along with it, many people may find themselves being searched by law enforcement. A shocking number of these searches are not performed properly and may even violate myriad legal protections and guaranteed rights. Law… read more

In the state of Maryland, you cannot be arrested for turning around when you see a DUI checkpoint. However, turning around may rouse suspicion and, if it is determined you have violated a traffic law in doing so, officers may… read more