Impact of Icy Roads Lasts Well into Summer

By Ioana David on February 15, 2018 | In Personal Injury

Icy roads can contribute significantly to auto accidents. Your car’s ability to maneuver depends on friction with the road, and when the roads are icy, that friction can drop to practically zero. Sometimes even driving slowly is not enough to allow you to stop at intersections or behind other cars. Ice is often patchy, leading to some areas of the road that are far worse than others, making it hard to predict just how your vehicle will behave at any given intersection. Worse, you can’t control how other drivers will behave on any roads, and when other drivers act recklessly, you can be the one who suffers. And you may not know how seriously you’ve been hurt at the time. In the Baltimore area, we expect a little bump here or there on icy roads, and you may have taken down another driver’s name and information and made a property damage claim, but not pursued personal injury compensation, thinking your stiff neck and back would pass.  If you are hurt, you should seek immediate medical care. But now your winter auto accident continues to cast its pall over your summer. The sun is shining and the air is warm, but your stiffness and pain cloud every day.  It’s time to consider a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation for your injuries that are obviously affecting your life. If you have lasting injuries from a winter auto accident, you may be able to receive compensation from those responsible. To learn more about your legal rights and options from an auto accident attorney, please contact Cohen & Dwin, PA in Baltimore for a free case evaluation.

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Ms. David has a cumulative experience of 15 years in handling workers’ compensation claims and representing injured workers and victims of motor vehicle accidents, or any other accidents caused by the negligence of third parties.