Increase in Truck Traffic a Concern

By Ioana David on February 15, 2018 | In Personal Injury

Over the past 20 years, truck traffic in the Baltimore metropolitan region, especially the Northeast Corridor, has experienced unparalleled growth. The Baltimore Metropolitan Council predicts a 30 percent increase in truck traffic in the area over the next two decades. As Baltimore personal injury lawyers, our concern in increased truck traffic is the potential increase in truck accidents with other motorists. Trucks on our highways are inherently more dangerous than family-owned passenger vehicles. Because of the size and weight of trucks, they can have difficulty stopping. Trucks can weigh in excessive of 80,000 pounds. The inability to stop all that weight during city highway driving leads to more rear-end accidents and personal injuries on our highways. Our personal injury lawyers want you to know that you can take precautions as a driver to avoid truck accidents. Never drive in a trucker’s blind spots. Remember that they are long vehicles with lengthy blind spots on the sides and rear. If you are going to pass a truck, don’t linger where the driver can’t see you. Also remember that trucks require more room and time to maneuver. Give truck drivers the room they need to make turns and don’t slam on your brakes in front of a truck. They won’t be able to react in time. Not every accident is avoidable. If you have been injured in an accident, please contact Cohen & Dwin for your free consultation with one of our experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyers.

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