Paralyzed from Work Accident

By Matthew Farr on August 29, 2018 | In Workers' Compensation

No worker plans on being injured on the job, but when your work injury causes full or partial paralysis, your life changes forever. At Cohen & Dwin, our workers’ compensation lawyers understand the hardship that comes with paraplegia or quadriplegia. Your work life, your family life and your social life are all impacted in ways you never imagined. The state of Maryland has set up an insurance system specifically to help workers like you when you suffer injuries on the job. Unfortunately, although you are entitled to funds in this system, it is not always an easy road to get the compensation you need for treatment, recovery, and in the case of paralysis, sustained care. When you suffer paralysis, you are likely eligible for permanent total disability, meaning you will never be able to return to gainful employment. In this case, workers’ compensation insurance should pay for your medical expenses and your lost wages. Our workers’ compensation lawyers can answer all of your questions about workers’ compensation and help you through the entire workers’ compensation process, from applying for benefits through adjudicating your claim. If you have suffered paralysis from an on-the-job accident, please contact Cohen & Dwin for your free consultation with one of our experienced Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyers.

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