Pain and Suffering Damages

By Harold Dwin on January 23, 2019 | In Personal Injury

Personal injury lawsuits attempt to put a price on the priceless. Ever since the legal codes of Babylon (the most famous of which, but no longer recognized as the oldest, is the Code of Hammurabi), laws have tried to ensure fair compensation for injuries that are not easily valued.

An important component of this type of compensation is damages for pain and suffering. But unlike the Babylonian monarchy, compensation for pain and suffering is not fixed by an edict from on high. Instead, in keeping with our democratic system, compensation is determined by a group of individuals—the jury–working together to make a decision about what is fair and proper.

In this system, your damages for pain and suffering depend on your personal injury lawyer’s ability to express your experience of injury in a way that juries can understand, sympathize with, and accept as deserving of compensation.

At Cohen and Dwin, PA, our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience adding a human dimension to injuries suffered. We can help you portray your pain and suffering in a way that captures the full measure of your injury and shows the jury why you deserve compensation.

We invite you to talk to one of our personal injury lawyers in Baltimore to learn more about our individual approach to expressing pain and suffering. Please contact Cohen & Dwin, PA for a consultation today.

Attorney Harold Dwin

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