Maryland's Most Dangerous Highway Sections

By Harold Dwin on April 15, 2024 | In Auto Accidents

The Deadliest Highway Stretches in Maryland

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) reports that around 500 people suffer fatal crash injuries in Maryland traffic accidents every year, and around 25,000 to 30,000 people sustain injuries. Any time you travel in a motor vehicle, there is a chance an accident could occur. However, there are some Maryland roadways where a collision may be more likely than others.

When traveling in the state, it is good to be aware of the riskiest roads in Maryland so you can stay alert.

What Are the Deadliest Roads in Maryland?

Crash data vary from year to year, but, in general, some of the most dangerous roads in Maryland include: 

  • Indian Head Highway (Maryland Route 210) This deadly highway stretches from Potomac Avenue in Indian Head, MD, north through southern Prince George’s County and into Washington, D.C. It sees its fair share of collisions due partly to commuters and regular road construction.
  • Interstate 95 As one of the most-traveled highways in Baltimore County and Baltimore City and across the state (running over 100 miles diagonally), Interstate 95 is one of several high-accident areas in Maryland.
  • Interstate 97 Though a short stretch of roadway contained entirely in Anne Arundel County, Interstate 97 can be dangerous due to merging, traffic, and speeding vehicles.
  • Landover Road (MD 202) According to WTOPNews, around 40,000 vehicles travel Landover Road daily. The high traffic leads to about 60 highway crashes in Maryland on this road annually.
  • Ocean City Expressway (MD 90) Heavy seasonal beach traffic and sudden stops contribute to the number of car accidents on this main access route to Ocean City.

What Makes Some Maryland Roads Particularly Hazardous? 

Many factors can make a road or highway more dangerous, including road construction, heavy traffic, higher speed limits, and the presence of pedestrians. Roads are also made less safe due to the negligent actions of drivers, like alcohol impairment, distracted driving, and aggressive driving. 

Intersections can also be accident hotspots in Maryland. According to the Washington Post, some of the most dangerous intersections in Maryland include:

  • Bel Pre Road and Bonifant Road at Layhill Road (MD 182) in Montgomery County
  • Northbound U.S. Route 1 at Bowie Road in Prince George’s County
  • St. Barnabas Road (MD 414) at 28th Avenue and the ramps to and from Branch Avenue (MD 5 ) in Prince George’s County
  • Landover Road (MD 202) at Lottsford Road in Prince George’s County
  • Muncaster Mill Road (MD 115) at Shady Grove Road/Airpark Road in Montgomery County 

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