Workers’ Compensation and Job-Related Injuries in Maryland

By Ann Wittik-Bravmann on January 23, 2019 | In Workers' Compensation

While Maryland employers are required to maintain Workers’ Compensation insurance, not all workers who are injured on the job in Maryland are eligible to seek benefits through a Workers’ Comp claim.

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For injury benefits to be covered under Maryland Workers’ Compensation law, the harm suffered by an employee must have been the result of “accidental personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment.” In other words, sustaining an injury while on the job or at work may not be enough to entitle an employee to Workers’ Compensation benefits.

According to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (MWCC) website, “In determining whether an injury falls under the coverage of workers’ compensation the first thing to understand is that this law protects only employees.” The MWCC further clarifies that “some businesses are set up in such a way that some persons don’t actually work for the business, but work with it as independent contractors.”

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