Falling Objects in Work Accidents

By Andrew Rodabaugh on January 23, 2019 | In Accidents

Numerous workers are injured each year by falling objects at the job site. Whether you work in construction, in a factory, at a warehouse, or even an office, falling objects can be a serious hazard that you don’t even think about. At Cohen & Dwin, our Baltimore area workers’ compensation lawyers are dedicated to getting you the compensation you are entitled to following these work accidents. Under the Maryland workers’ compensation system, you can recover money to pay for your medical treatment, rehabilitation and loss of wages. If your workplace injury keeps you from working, you will be entitled to 2/3 of your lost income. And you may be able to seek job training assistance if you can no longer perform the duties of your original job. The workers’ compensation system can be intimidating to navigate on your own. Our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you understand the system and your rights in it. With our aggressive representation, you can fight for the compensation you need to recover from your work-related injuries. If you’ve been injured by falling objects on the job, please contact Cohen & Dwin for your free consultation with a Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyer.

andrew rodabaugh

Mr. Rodabaugh’s ten year experience as a construction worker along with his time practicing as Assistant County Attorney that led him to his current position representing the injured workers.