Should I Refuse a Field Sobriety Test in Maryland?

Although Maryland has an implied consent law that means drivers agree to undergo a preliminary breath test if stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence, there is no penalty for refusing to submit to a field sobriety test. While you… read more

Questions to Ask Your Auto Accident Attorney

When you meet with one of our auto accident attorneys at Cohen & Dwin, we’ll ask you a lot of questions about your accident and injuries. But we expect that you’ll have some questions for us too. Don’t be afraid to get… read more

Falling Objects in Work Accidents

Numerous workers are injured each year by falling objects at the job site. Whether you work in construction, in a factory, at a warehouse, or even an office, falling objects can be a serious hazard that you don’t even think… read more

Workers’ Compensation vs. Personal Injury

When you are injured on the job, it is important to understand all of your options. The Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyers at Cohen & Dwin are here to help. Working personally with you to fully understand your accident and your injuries, we… read more

Pain and Suffering Damages

Personal injury lawsuits attempt to put a price on the priceless. Ever since the legal codes of Babylon (the most famous of which, but no longer recognized as the oldest, is the Code of Hammurabi), laws have tried to ensure fair… read more

National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, established by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) in an effort to increase public awareness of the benefits offered by cycling. Earlier this month, the LAB also released its 2015 Bicycle Friendly State rankings, ranking… read more

Evaluating Damages for Pain and Suffering

If you have been injured due to the negligent actions of another person or party, you deserve compensation. However, not all personal injury victims will receive the same amount of compensation for pain and suffering. This isn’t because they do not deserve… read more

Time to Start Making Summer Plans

Despite the current cold-snap, now is the perfect time to start discussing summer vacation plans and other child-related issues with your co-parent. Squaring up plans now can help ease the transition from school to summer for all involved parties, and… read more

Reducing Damage from TBI

According to a new study from Johns Hopkins, people with a higher level of education may recover more rapidly from traumatic brain injury. While the exact reasons for this are unknown, lead author of the study, Eric Schneider, believes the answer… read more

Fire Prevention Week

October 7th-14th is Fire Prevention Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness of the leading causes of fire and reducing instances of burn injury. According to the National Fire Prevention Agency (NFPA), cooking equipment catching fire is the leading cause of… read more